What’s New For Swimming Pools in 2018!

  • This first picture illustrates a few new popular trends.

Traditionally all vinyl liners for pools were some shade of blue.

The new contemporary colour is grey as can be seen by the patio and patio furniture.

The printed liner in this Winnipeg backyard is grey granite but appears blueish below the water line because of the sky reflection.


Also take note of the latest in custom steps where the first step also serves as a toddler area or adult lounging zone (cocktails optional ?)

The water depth is only 4” in this zone so it’s like sitting by the beach with just your legs covered.


  • Gabion walls are an option for retaining walls. The heavy wire mesh retains the rocks and serve as a strong retention of material.


  • Caves are cool for kids and adults. This cave has a waterfall overhead and an interior sitting space.

The rock is not real but very much appears to be real. The advantage of realistic hollow rocks is the reduced weight required.

If they were real, the weight alone could cause the pool to shift plus it would be difficult to control the water flow on the rock.



  • Custom steps and deep end sitting ledges  give the pool the concrete pool look and are very functional.

Today’s liners are all custom made by computer design and cut by computer as well so this is not as big a challenge as once was in vinyl manufacturing.

Plastic steps that stick out from the pool now look dated compared to this new look.



  •  Swimming is just one pleasure you can add to your personal backyard resort.

In these pictures below the pool was only one facet of our installation.

The pizza oven with adjoining patio is another reason for family get togethers.

We also did the landscaping, fire pit and hot tub so there is no reason to leave this paradise.

No packing, cottage maintenance, driving etc. etc.……get home Friday at 5 and relax!



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