Backyard ideas from 2018 to plan your personal resort!









This Winnipeg backyard has some interesting features. The family has young children so they’ve encompassed two special features to take note of:

An auto pool cover that seals the pool off with the turn of a key. The kids can use the rest of the backyard such as the play structure next to the pool without the parents worrying about the pool water. A shallow water entrance/splash area that is 4” deep…just like a beach! (it can also become an adult cocktail zone in the evening ?)








Swimming pools can be so much more then water with concrete around. Who wouldn’t want to spend some time in this Grande Pointe yard? The waterfalls make for a great look and the soothing sound of water falling is great for relaxing or drowning out unwanted noise. The large waterfall actually has water inside like a cave for some extra intrigue and kid fun.








When planning the interior of your pool consider what this Victoria Crescent family had us build. The steps also act like a sitting area so adults can be partially wet and watch the kids. The free form pool design is complemented with a superior landscape border to keep the natural look.

Start your planning with one of our pro designers and we can have you swimming all summer in 2019!


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