August 2018

Refreshments and Entertainment!

Try something new, bring the bar home! An outdoor bar can be a fresh, new focal point in your backyard that everyone will be talking about. We all know how much hard work is put into a yard and keeping our homes in tip-top shape. When it’s time to relax you might think about going… Read More»

How Do I Make My Hot Tub Fit Into My Landscaping Plans?

You could be looking at doing something simple like putting a pergola or a gazebo over your spa to give it a more inclusive feel into your back yard, or maybe something more elaborate, like building it into your deck with steps and seating!   Either way, every back yard is different, every person’s tastes… Read More»

Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom I get it, there are a few people in the home and you’ve all got your own hair products, body washes, and toiletries. Where does it all go? Right now you might have it cluttering your counter, on the floor in the shower, each corner of your tub… Read More»