November 2017

Hot Tub Backyard Design Tips

Hot Tub Backyard Design Tips   It’s important to put some thought into design when you install your backyard spa. There are many stores to simply purchase a hot tub that have zero design assistance for you. Design is about details and the details may make or break the final look.

Swimming Pool Construction Details in Real Winnipeg Backyards

Swimming Pool Construction Details in Real Winnipeg Backyards When your life’s work is pool construction and your goal is to improve every year it’s amazing the amount of details that are involved. Aqua-tech started in 1977 and has been improving our construction standards every year. Our in-house construction manual with all of our current standards… Read More»

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby, it’s cold outside One of my favorite things to do in the winter is enjoy a long, hot bath. My body can’t handle the cold well and I get chilled to the bone. A nice, long soak in the bathtub is the perfect thing to warm you up and let the days stress melt… Read More»

How to Lower the Sanitizer Level in Your Hot Tub

Sanitizer is easily the number one thing to take care of in your hot tub. When bromine/chlorine levels are in the recommended range, they kill bacteria very effectively. When bromine/chlorine levels are high, they can cause some issues such as itchy skin, red eyes, and even irritation of your respiratory system. So, what can you do to… Read More»