The Essentials For Every Spa Owner

Do you own a spa? Here are some essentials every spa owner should have, along with some great tips!


• Always keep your chlorine or bromine level in the 3-5 range
• Rinse your filters every couple weeks and chemically clean them every 2 months
• Use a weekly shock or oxidizer once a week to gas off things like lotions, oils, skin cells. This will also prevent or get rid of a scum line
• Use a scale prevention ESPECIALLY if you have well water
• Drain and refill your spa at least once a year

Additional Products You Need To Try:

• Optimizer Plus: Optimizer Plus is a water enhancer, it enhances the effects of other chemicals, so you’ll use less chlorine/bromine. It’s also a water softener; we compare it to Visine for your eyes. This is great for people with sensitive skin or children, as it is way easier and more comfortable for the skin and eyes.
• Spazazz Spa Salts: We have a wide range of different spa fragrances you can try. If you’re having a party and want to add a good vibe, try our Moonshine Whisky scent for a more “manly” feel, or something fruity like Margarita. We also have a ton of therapy salts that use a combination of Epsom salts and essential oils, like Stress Therapy, Sleep Therapy, and Respiratory Therapy.

Spa Accessories:

• The Scum Boss: you can grab the washable or disposable version, essentially you just pop it in the tub and it works at collecting oils and scum leaving you with fresh clean water!
• The Spa Mitt: a must need for every spa owner! Use it with your favorite acrylic/vinyl cleaner to effortlessly clean your tub!
• The Spa Scoop: a mini net to help remove debris like leaves and what-not from your spa!
• Filter cleaning tools: we have a vast selection of different tools to help you clean your filter better, prolonging the life of your filter and keeping your spa water clean and crystal clear!



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