June 2017

Why work with a designer for your bathroom renovation?

Lots of people who tackle a home renovation on their own end up saying “I wish I had hired someone to do this”. Quite often the job doesn’t get done in the projected timeline and finishing products end up clashing. We know that for many homeowners, the most challenging aspect of a bathroom renovation is… Read More»

Transform your backyard to a swimming pool paradise!

Transform your backyard to a swimming pool paradise! Investing in a backyard pool will create years of family fun and memories. Watching the transformation of your backyard over the installation period is very exciting. Aqua-tech’s installation crews take great pride in delivering your dream backyard. I’m going to show a couple examples we are presently… Read More»

4 Canada Day Pool Partys Tips

What is more wonderful than spending the day in the sun that us Canadians cherish oh so much? Spending a day in the sun by the pool, enjoying the country that we live in with people who mean the most to us, of course! Here are 4 simple tips to help your Canada Day pool… Read More»

4 Ways to Keep Your Pool Area Mosquito Free

The absolute best way to avoid mosquitoes is prevention.  Try your best to find and eliminate all areas of stagnant water around your yard, as this is where they breed.  Sometimes that’s just not good enough, so here are a few tips to get rid of them…

3 Fathers Day Pool Party Tips

Dad’s don’t get enough credit. Make sure you celebrate him this Father’s Day the special way… throw him a pool party! Here are 3 Father’s Day Pool Party Tips!

What if my pool is Green

Green Pools It could happen to anyone.  Whether you peeled back your winter cover this spring and the pool water was green or your weekly mtce schedule got away from you or you went on vacation and came back to a green pool it could happen to anyone.  Sometimes winter covers can develop holes in… Read More»

Save Money with a Solar Blanket

Pool Covering Facts When the temperature is at 73-78 degrees F and you have a solar cover on your pool on average you will increase your water temperature by 3-4 degrees F. If you leave your pool uncovered at night you will lose 6-8 degrees F. Without bringing out the calculator that is a water… Read More»

Salt Water Pools: Fact vs. Fiction

There are many myths about salt water pools, and today we’re going to give you the facts!  Then you can weigh the pros and cons, and decide if a salt water pool is for you!