May 2017

Innovative Design Software

Innovative Design Software At Aqua-Tech, we strive towards innovation. We work with high quality bathroom design and remodeling software to help our clients visualize the sanctuary that their bathroom could be. From 2D floor plans, to 3D renderings, to panoramic viewing, we’re here to help turn your dreams into reality. 2D Floor Plans Accurate measurements on… Read More»

4 Ways to Automate Your Pool Care Routine

Lets be real… who actually likes to spend their entire time cleaning their pool when they could be relaxing with a nice, refreshing margarita in hand? Are you looking to minimize your time maintaining the pool and maximize your time enjoying the pool with family and friends?  Take the time to read our tips on how to… Read More»

New Hot tub models for 2017!

New Hot tub models for 2017! Sundance Spas is the industry leader since 1977 in the hot tub industry. They have more patents than any other manufacturer. Their research and development far exceeds the investment of any competitor.

3 Pro Tips To Get Rid Of Water Bugs

Having trouble with water bugs in your pool? Have you googled how to get rid of them and something outrageous came up i.e. using dish soap or cooking oil? Stop what you’re doing! We have a couple of solutions and pool products you can use without having to pour cooking oil in your pool!

News from the Aqua-tech Pool world in 2017

News from the Aqua-Tech Pool world in 2017 This month we have started our first three jobs of the year already and are looking forward to a busy season. Every month we have some pool news to report from new backyards or from our dream display center. We are more than a pool builder at Aqua-tech…we can… Read More»

6 Pool Opening Tips

If you’re a DIY kind of person, awesome! But when it comes to opening your pool, there can always be challenges and at times, it can be a stressful process. Here are a few opening tips and pool supplies to make the pool opening process as easy as possible!