Inground Swimming Pool Design Details

Backyard inground pool design can encompass many details.

I’ve selected some random details of recent work that may or may not be part of your design but worthwhile considering.

Waterfalls using faux rock is common around inground pools.

They can be a backdrop to the pool and the soothing sound of the waterfall adds to the backyard experience.

The design trick is to have rock that looks real and natural.

I’ve found the best realistic looking rock is a product called Rico rock.

Rico rock has taken real rock from South Dakota and made molds so you can barely distinguish them from Mother Nature’s version.

Faux rock can be better than real rock for two main reasons.

  1. Less weight (about 1/10th) on the pool edge. Too much weight can cause your pool to settle on one side.
  2. The water fall is manmade so all the water gets back to the pool as opposed to under the pool where it can cause structural damage.

You can see from the pictures below that the landscape plants hug the faux rock to soften the look and imitate real nature.

The pictures are all from the same pool at different times in the season.

Notice as well that good plant selection allows for different colours in the changing seasons.


When designing rocks and waterfalls around the pool a forgotten detail is often the inground pool winter cover.

This picture is actually from the Aqua-tech display pool which explains why the pool is only half covered.

This new fitted trampoline style winter cover is custom made and  cut to fit around the boulders.


If there is a grade change in your backyard then you will need some sort of retaining wall..

These walls can be made of Barkman stone, real boulders, concrete or gabion walls.

Gabion walls are shown below.

They are basically heavy duty wire baskets filled with small rocks.

It’s a natural yet contemporary look.


Most pools built in Manitoba are steel walls with a vinyl liner over the steel wall and pool grout floor.

However if you prefer the look of a concrete we can do that as well.

It’s important the pool concrete is all structural with piles and void form.

The cost will be more but we are building more concrete pools.

This picture is one we have under construction to be completed in 2017….expect a longer construction period with concrete pools.


We’ve listed some random details but there are in fact a 100 more to consider.

Our experts can guide you through this process so the end result is what you were dreaming of!

Contact us today and we can start planning your backyard resort.

Backyard fun starts soon!!!


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