February 2017

Pool Heater Service

Service heater   Pool Heater Service is something all pool owners will need at one time or another for the life of their pool.  There are a few different reasons why your pool heater may not be heating your pool anymore.  Sometimes pool heaters are smart enough to tell you why or lead you down… Read More»

4 Ways to Make Your Spa Cover Last Longer

Believe it or not – hot tub cover maintenance is an important part of hot tub care. Just like many things in life, the amount of effort you put into it will reflect how much it gives you back. Maintaining a hot tub cover is very simple and can greatly increase its life expectancy. Nonetheless,… Read More»

Bathrooms Made Beautiful in Winnipeg!

It’s well documented that the bathroom in a house is one of the most used rooms in any house. With that much use a bathroom will need renovation every 15-20 years on average. The illustrations below are just a small sample of what some Winnipeggers have done to redo their bathrooms and have Aqua-tech make… Read More»

5 Valentine Hot Tub Tips

  Ahhh… Valentine’s Day… planning on spending it relaxing with your significant other or by yourself in the hot tub? We’ve got some tips and all of the hot tub supplies to use to help you make the most your Valentine’s Day spent with your one true love… your hot tub (oh – and maybe… Read More»

3 things you probably didn’t know about patio furniture

#1….Aluminum is aluminum? all the same?……Not so! Cutting costs is important to manufacturing but it often means less quality. The differences in aluminum are not readily apparent to the consumer so some knowledge and research is required. Many outdoor furniture pieces look aluminum but are simply painted steel which is much cheaper and will rust.… Read More»

4 Ways The “Net” Can Change Your Spa Care

The internet has become such a huge part is everyone’s day to day life. Need directions? Lets ask Siri. What’s for dinner? Lets check Pinterest! What hot tub chemicals should I add to my spa? Let’s find out on the Aqua-Tech website! Here are 4 ways the “net” can change the way you care for… Read More»