November 2016

5 Holiday Hot Tub Must Haves

The holiday season can be a stressful time but we can help with that!  Relax with one of our great holiday hot tub must haves for you and your hot tub.

Smartphone Apps that help plan for Pool Covers

There’s an app for that…… As much as we all really like sharing how much we know about pools and planning them out, it is fun to research on our own sometimes. Digging deep into why some people choose some options and why others select something completely different really helps us connect. There is a… Read More»

How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filter

Cleaning your filter is a very important part of hot tub water care. If you use a dirty or worn out filter, you run the risk of getting contaminants in your water as well as having to add extra chemicals to correct your water chemistry. Use the correct product and process the first time to… Read More»

Winter Hot tub Operation Tips

Hot tubs are a wonderful source of fun and relaxation.  In Winnipeg in the winter, they can also be a source of stress.  There are many great ways to enjoy your spa this winter with the right advice and hot tub supplies.  Here are 8 hot tub tips to make your winter HOT!

When your pool is sleeping

this old pool ebook cover

  As the saying goes: ‘ Out of sight out of mind ‘ fits right in once that winter cover goes over the pool for the winter. We all know that hockey season, dance, school and all of the other commitments of winter have plenty of demands but consider the voice of a wise old… Read More»

4 Hot Tub Drain and Refill Tips

I don’t think anyone truly enjoys draining and refilling their hot tub. Though, it is something that just needs to be done. If you don’t drain and refill your hot tub every so often, the water begins to get pretty dicey to go into. It can be quite a messy and stressful job, but with the… Read More»

3 Fun Hot Tub Facts

Ahhh… you’ve just finished putting your weekly hot tub chemicals in and you’re ready to relax with your feet up. You feel the bubbles on your skin and hear water flowing in the background. You can smell the flowery aroma from the fragrance you tossed in just before getting in. But what do you think about during… Read More»