How to use the TRIO spa water care system

Trio Kit

Trio is the newest, easiest and most economical method to maintain 12 weeks of soft, clean and clear spa water.  Here is how us use the Trio spa water care system

Start‐Up – Every 3 months

1.  Add TRIO Enhanced Water Softener

2.  Add 1 packet of TRIO Softener & Clarifier

3.  Test and balance the water:

Total Alkalinity 100‐120 ppm

pH 7.2‐7.8

Calcium Hardness 150‐200 p pm

4.  Super oxidize with SOFT SOAK Stabilized Chlorinating Granules or SOFT SOAK Brominating Granules


Before each use

Test free chlorine, if low add 1 SOFT SOAK Stabilized Chlorinating Granules or SOFT SOAK Brominating Granules to maintain a 3‐5ppm chlorine residual. Most folks will maintain a safe sanitizer level using either SpaGuard Smart Tabs (if the spa is sanitized with chlorine) or SpaGuard Bromine Tabs (if the spa is sanitized with bromine)


  1.  Add 1 packet of TRIO Weekly Softener & Clarifier with pump running and the cover off for at least 15 minutes

2.  Test and adjust pH and Total Alkalinity if needed

Every 3 Months – Drain & Refill Spa

Before Draining & Refilling Spa – Remove filter and clean using SpaGuard Filter Cleaner. Add TRIO Restoring Spa Cleanser with pump on. Circulate water for 15 minutes. Shut pump off and completely drain water according to manufacturer’s recommendations.


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  1. Terry sayer


    Do I have to drain it right after trio restoring is completed

    • Kathi B


      YEs, it is advisable to drain 15-60 minutes after the trio# 3 pouch is added

  2. Robin


    Can I use 2 packages in 1 week if the tub has extra usage?

    • Aqua Tech


      Hi Robin!

      You can do that if you would like, but to save you from using your TRIO pouches you can stick to using them once a week and if the tub has had a lot of use its a good idea to using Chlorine or Bromine granules to replenish the levels afterwards or a different type of shock like SpaGuard Spa Lite! 🙂

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