July 2016

Facts About Pool Pump Repair

Facts about pool pump repair largely come down to preventative maintenance.  To steal a phrase, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Preventing Pool Pump Breakdown Two of the biggest items to keep in mind when it comes to facts about pool pump repair are: prevent pool pump breakdown by always keeping… Read More»

The Proper Weekly Pool Maintenance Checklist

pool care checking

Water without the correct amount of chemical balance can damage various parts of the pool. It can cause staining on your liner, which would lead to replacing your liner. Also, the pool equipment like heater, pump can be damaged due to corrosion. Which would mean replacing sooner than you would like. Performing proper weekly pool… Read More»

Latest trends in backyard designs

Trends for 2016 in patio furniture and outdoor living There are many new and exciting trends in patio furniture and outdoor living. Most of these top 10 trends can be seen at our newly expanded showroom and outdoor display! Here are the top 10 trends!

What You Will Need For The Perfect Outdoor Bar

Why are certain commercial outdoor bars more popular than others? It’s all about who creates the best environment that makes you want to spend time there. There are 7 top features your outdoor bar should have to create an inviting atmosphere. 1. Fire! With the advent of convenient natural gas or propane fire pits the… Read More»

What Causes Green Pool Water

There are so many things that can and do cause your pool to go green. There are also many different shades of green that your water can be, all of which can mean very different things. When a customer comes in and says their pool is green, there are numerous questions we need to ask… Read More»

Easy Pool Water Care In 15 Minutes A Week

During the hot summer months, having a pool is undoubtedly a luxury and a great source of fun! Properly maintaining your pool may seem like an overwhelming task, but we like to make life easy.  Our programmed approach to pool water care is designed to do just that.  By following these steps you will become… Read More»

Enjoy Your Two Person Hot Tub Even More!

Many hot tubs are used for social activity with 4-6 people enjoying the tub and conversation. However, there are many that want their hot tub for two people only. Some view it as sharing a bath and a very private activity.

Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Swimming Pool Equipment

A doctor once said to me “A mile a day keeps me away” and that could be said for your swimming pool equipment too! Maintaining your pool equipment keeps Aqua-Tech away… That being said, keeping your pool’s equipment in healthy shape isn’t as hard as you might think. Even if you rely on an Aqua-tech… Read More»

Pool Chemicals For Dummies: Our Super Easy Water Care Guide


Pool chemicals for dummies.  Now that’s my kind of guide!  If you’re a little confused on what all these things are and you just want water that feels nice as well as looks nice, here’s your guide.  Because Aqua-Tests for 14 different components, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what everything is, what it… Read More»