June 2016

Why Thorough Water Testing is So Important

Many people think that having a test kit or tests strips at home is enough for pool water testing.  Although it is a quick way to do a check up with your water chemistry, it is still very important you bring in a water sample to Aqua-Tech once a month.  Why you might ask?  Aqua-Tech’s… Read More»

Easy Ways to Maintain Hot Tub Filters

Just like healthy nutrition and physical fitness there are not a lot of short cuts to getting the health and fitness we all want. Hot tubs require some maintenance, but if we come up with a good routine and strategy we can keep the time to a minimum and the costs modest. Today we will… Read More»

Think You’re Ready for a Saltwater Pool Conversation?

Do you think you’re ready for a saltwater pool conversation? Saltwater pools are a huge trend in swimming pools these days. A salt pool looks and feels wonderful. They are definitely a great choice for folks looking for safe and easy pool care. When choosing a saltwater pool, here are a few things to consider:

Common Misconceptions about Pool Cleaning

There are many different components to keep in mind when cleaning a pool – sort of like all the different ingredients needed to bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Keep in mind, every pool is different and some require extra care than others. But don’t worry… pool cleaning is much easier than you think!… Read More»

Often Overlooked Areas of Pool Maintenance

Neglecting your pool maintenance can result in very costly repairs. Replacement of pool equipment or structural damage can be more expensive than the chemicals itself used to maintain the water balance. Closely monitoring water chemistry in your pool can save you from those costly repairs.  Test your water to make sure that your water chemistry… Read More»

Special Requirements for Winnipeg Pool Supplies

All Winnipeg home owners know that we are unique! Living here is special-sometimes for the good, and sometimes not so much. Our Winnipeg weather goes from 30 above in the summer to a nail biting 40 below in the winter.  This causes it to be a little challenging at times. Not only for us, but… Read More»

Top five new products in patio furniture

Outdoor living is made even better with these new products for enjoying your personal paradise. Whether it’s reading a book or just relaxing in your backyard it is important to be comfortable. New styles of wicker patio furniture and aluminum have impressive style and comfort!

Aqua-Tech’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

There’s much more to pool maintenance than a cute guy with a net and an impressive pick up line – or nice abs. Ensuring you stay on top of your pool maintenance is important for many different reasons. Firstly, it improves the life of all the components of the pool and secondly, it keeps a… Read More»