May 2016

Where to Find The Best Pool Supplies in Canada

Come visit us at Aqua-Tech to discover top of the line, exclusive products!  We provide our customers with a free water testing service that gives us a detailed prescription of your pools needs to help you keep it balanced and well maintained.  After that, we decipher with our customer which of the chemical programs best… Read More»

The No-Fail Guide To A Perfect Swimming Pool Opening

Congratulations!!! You’ve officially survived the long cold winter and you’re finally ready to wake up your pool from that long hibernation. Don’t worry… it’s not as tough as it looks! Below are some tips and tricks on what to avoid and what to do when opening your pool for the season. Remember, when all else… Read More»

Congratulations on your new Hot Tub!!

So, you have a new spa – CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the Aqua-Tech family. The most important thing to do is to create a relationship with your hot tub professional.