April 2016

Ultimate Hot Tub Filter Cleaning Process

Your hot tub filters job is to capture the particles and debris that could otherwise cause cloudy or dirty water.  Cleaning your hot tub filter is very important as it results in proper filtration and clean water.  Properly maintaining your hot tub filter will extend the life of your filter, as a dirty filter has… Read More»

The Unique Requirements to Salt Water Pool Maintenance

Salt water pools have long been popular for their more ‘natural’ approach to sanitization and for how amazing they feel to swim in.  This is know as the ‘isotonic advantage’.  Installing a salt cell generator and adding salt to your water is is not the only part to owning a salt water pool as they… Read More»

Easy ways to prolong the life of swimming pool heaters

Maintenance with my Chevy Equinox When I bought my 08’ Equinox in 2014 one of the selling features was the fact that it didn’t require an oil change every 5000km, it had a OLM or Oil Life monitor installed in the computer system so on average I was getting 11000 km between oil changes for… Read More»

Patio furniture has a new look!

Outdoor wicker furniture has borrowed from the yacht industry.  Instead of cloth cushions there is a new product on the market.  The cushions are covered with synthetic leather which is the same material in the expensive yacht industry.  A German company has developed “Marina Plus” to give outdoor furniture a whole new look.

Things to ask about swimming pool slides

  Swimming pool slides come in all sorts of sizes and prices. Slides can add a whole lot of fun to the backyard resort but be sure your pool is suited for a slide. Safety is important when considering the location and whether you can have a slide. The slide manufacturer will have guidelines to help you determine… Read More»

Choosing between swimming pool companies

As consumers we all have choices where to spend our very hard earned money. A swimming pool is very permanent and careful consideration should be used to pick the right firm. Here are the top ten tips for deciding which swimming pool company to choose…

Discover the latest outdoor kitchen ideas and trends

Outdoor kitchens are becoming common place as we want our backyard paradise to have it all. When you consider the indoor kitchen island is the hub of social life inside the house it only stands to reason the outdoor kitchen becomes the outdoor hub. Check out these outdoor kitchen ideas!

What Salt Water Pool Supplies Do I Need?

Want great feeling water?  There are two main ways to go about this: the isotonic advantage offered by salt water pools, OR through a maintenance system that involves water softeners like Dazzle’s Pure and Simple line.  Keep reading to let Aqua-Tech help discover what salt water pool supplies you will need, and what system is… Read More»

Discover new basement bathroom ideas

So, what is the difference between designing a basement bathroom vs. a main floor or second floor bathroom? NOTHING! Your basement bathroom deserves attention too. Keep reading to find out the latest trends of basement bathroom designs!