March 2016

What to ask about swimming pool bylaws in Winnipeg

You do need a building permit to build a swimming pool in Winnipeg and there are bylaws to adhere to. Outside of Winnipeg a permit is needed as well with their own specific bylaws. Some of the bylaws are the same in and outside of Winnipeg but one should always check with their local municipality.… Read More»

Hot tub repairs cheat sheet

Hot tubs these days are pretty advanced compared to the hot tubs of 20-25yrs ago.  Evermore important to have a Hot tub repairs cheat sheet.  That being said these advancements or improvements have made it easier for the homeowner to troubleshoot the spa themselves or at least confirm what the repair or service issue may… Read More»

Unique Options for bathroom cabinets

Designing a new bathroom includes being creative with cabinets.  Our showroom illustrates all the ideas we have listed below so please feel to browse when you’re out our way.  Many people think because their space is limited that their options are limited as well.

What You’ll Discover With Hot Tub Water Testing

Your hot tub should be a source of relaxation, family fun and therapy, not work.  Many spa owners feel that hot tub water testing is either difficult, time consuming or frustrating, therefore they decide not test their hot tub water.  The truth is, regular hot tub testing helps improve water quality and bather comfort.  By… Read More»

What is the pool liner replacement process?

Ah yes…..Spring time…that most glorious season of year. The days are getting longer, the sun is getting warmer, and the promise of something special is just around the corner…..or over the hill…..or down the lane; I’m not sure, but I know it’s out there somewhere. Often times; however, that ‘something’ isn’t so special. It’s lying… Read More»

Everything you need to know about indoor pools

Indoor pools offer a great family get together place or easy access to some great exercise!  Especially in Winnipeg when the weather on the other side of the window is -40C an indoor tropical paradise on your side of the window is a unique experience. We have built more indoor pools in Winnipeg than any… Read More»