February 2016

How Much Are Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

Swim Now Pay Later

We want you to enjoy your pool as much as possible and sometimes it may seem that you spend a little more time coming into the store, buying chemicals then you are swimming and enjoying your pool. Lucky for you Aqua-Tech has pool maintenance that comes and checks up on your pool as well as… Read More»

What Can You Expect for Pool Maintenance Costs

During the long awaited hot summer months, having a pool is undoubtedly a luxury and a great source of fun! Many new pool and seasoned pool owners all ask us the same question – what can you expect for pool maintenance costs.

Unique Requirements of Inground Pool Maintenance

In the heat of the summer there’s nothing like diving into your inground pool to cool off.  When not properly maintained, any swimming pool can become non functional, which means it becomes non usable. By continually following these six requirements of inground pool maintenance, you will be guaranteed a perfectly operating pool all summer long!

Benefits of a professional hot tub installation

Like most projects around the home when you first consider the idea it seems relatively simple. Then when you start to delve into the details there are more things to consider. Consider buying a hot tub from a company that can provide the full scope of the work required to install a hot tub. At Aqua-tech our goal… Read More»

How To Properly Use Hot Tub Chemicals

Hot tubs are, as the name implies, a very small and hot body of water. For this reason, even a small amount of contaminants like body lotions, sunscreens and organic material can have a large effect on water chemistry. Consequently, it is very important to properly use your hot tub chemicals to maintain the best… Read More»

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Pools in Winnipeg

Have you ever wondered what makes having an indoor pool different from an outdoor pool?  Indoor pools are free from the weather constraints of outdoor pools.  They allow for summer pool fun in every season!  However, the presence of a large body of water inside your home does come with its own set of care… Read More»

The straight talk on pool care

straight talk on pool care

Some people think that taking care of a swimming pool is time consuming. Some folks have hears that pool maintenance is expensive. Sometime the rumour mill has told us that pools go cloudy, green or unsafe easily. Well, here is the straight talk on pool care – all those things are true – IF you… Read More»

What to do after a pool is opened.

pool opening

I am a good pool owner! My pool is open – I have gotten the winter cover off the pool and gotten the pump running. Now what do I do? “Now what?” is the most common pool opening question in the universe? It is a great question! The starting of the mechanical system is the… Read More»