December 2015

The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service

The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service The question comes up why do we offer Annual Pool Heater Service and why is it important?  The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service is most important at the beginning of your pool season.  After your heater has been sitting in hibernation for 6 months or more it… Read More»

Importance Of Proper Hot Tub Circulation

Importance Of Proper Hot Tub Circulation The maintenance of an automobile is not as much fun as driving it just like the maintenance of a Hot Tub is not as fun as having a soak staring up at the stars.  The being said if you key in on one item of maintenance which is the Importance… Read More»

Reasons to choose an inground hot tub

Hot tubs have been installed on the ground level, partially sunk, and in-ground. There are reasons to choose an inground hot tub and reasons not to proceed in that direction. Read more for some more information about the different types of hot tub installs and reasons to choose an inground hot tub

Hidden features for a modern swimming pool pump

variable speed pool pump

Swimming pool pumps have come a long way from that regular basic noisy one speed induction style motor most of us are still using to this day.  Standard pool pumps can consume as much energy as all other home appliances combined, often costing more than $1,000 per year!

Reasons to choose a hot tub

hot tub

The soothing effects of hot water is nothing new.  From the ancient Greeks and Romans to today’s physicians and physiotherapists increasingly recommending hot tub therapy as a safe and effective way to protect and improve your health.  Benefits can be as simple as a better sleep, pain relief, relaxing after exercise, or for better mobility… Read More»

Why choose a custom replacement hot tub cover

Many times, I field calls from people who are frantically searching for a replacement hot tub cover. Some are unpleasantly surprised when I tell them their best option is to order a custom replacement hot tub cover.  Yes, the ordering process involves a supply time line, but the end result is a custom made replacement… Read More»

Refurbished Hot tubs 101

Hot tubs are great, especially in the cold winter months of Winnipeg! It’s always a bonus when you can save yourself a few bucks by purchasing one second hand. Although refurbished hot tubs can initially save you a few dollars, there are many factors you should consider before making the final purchase. Read more for some tips… Read More»

Bathroom remodelling, our favorite ideas. Love your bathroom today

bathroom remodelling

Playing favorites, we were told not to as we grew up. With bathroom renovations and bathroom remodelling we have run into some projects that we just like better. Perhaps it is personal preference or just things work out better than we envision, but perfection is fun to keep talking about.