SpaGuard hot tub chemicals & what they do

Do you use the SpaGuard traditional water care system for your hot tub? Have you always wondered what each product does? Read on for a little listing of each category of products and the key products in that category.

Hot Tub Sanitizing Products

Smart Tabs—premium chlorine sanitizer
Stabilized Chlorine Granules—daily chlorine sanitizer
Brominating Tablets—premium bromine sanitizer
Brominating Concentrate—daily bromine sanitizer


Spa Oxidizing (Shock)  Products

Spa Lite—weekly shock treatment, prepackaged for ease of measurement, gentle on equipment,
spa can be used 15 minutes after application
Chlorinating Concentrate—weekly spa oxidizer, bulk canister, must wait 8 hours after
application before using spa

Hot Tub Water Balance Products

Balance Pak 100—raises total alkalinity
Balance Pak 200—raises pH
Balance Pak 300—raises calcium hardness
Lo n’ Slo—lowers total alkalinity and pH
Optimizer Plus—water enhancer; makes water soft & silky, reduces eye or skin irritations, increases water clarity Spa Sentry—a pH balancing product for the Spa Sentry System of chemistry

Weekly Spa Water Treatment Products

Stain and Scale Control—weekly preventer for staining and scale formation
Polysheen—weekly water clarifier
Natural Spa Enzyme—weekly enzyme clarifier for high use spas

Hot Tub Occasional/As Needed Products

Swirl Away 2 and Spa and Tub Cleaner—spa surface cleaner
Swirl Away 2 and Cover Renew—spa cover cleaner with UV protectants
Antifoam—reduces the appearance of foam immediately after application
Test Strips—tests for chlorine, bromine, pH and total alkalinity (on each strip)
Swirl Away—spa plumbing cleaner for use immediately prior to draining

Spa Filter Cleaning Products

Filter Brite—a granular filter cleaner for both oils and minerals, use for preventative maintenance

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  1. Mark and Peggy Smorong


    Hello AT!!

    Question…We use Trio chemicals regularilty and have now used Spa Filter Cleaning Products for the first time…it was Filter Brite—a granular filter cleaner for both oils and minerals, use for preventative maintenance…but now We have had an overabundance of Foam since We used it…going on now 5 or 6 days.

    Didn’t expect the above…Water has been testing great but were told it is something We should do for regular maintence. Its definitaly not the product to use just prior to draining.

    We had No foam at all before…and now its really, really foamy.

    And suggestions?
    and is this normal?

    Thanks again…Look forward to your reply!!

    Mark & Peggy Smorong

    • Kathi B


      Thank you for your excellent question! Filter Brite is the least foaming filter cleaner available and is an excellent degreaser/demineralizer. Like all cleaners though, it can cause foam if:
      1. the chemical reaction of cleaning is not complete and there is a lot of active product remaining on the filter when it is reinstalled into the spa
      2. the filter is not rinsed off quite enough and either the cleaner or the oils it has lifted off the surface get back into the hot tub.

      Filter cleaning is not a fun job because it is quite tedious. The filter should be pre-rinsed for 5-10 minutes to remove the large debris (like hair, lint, etc). Then the Filter Brite mixed in a 20 litre (or 5 gallon pail) of hot water. Soak the filter overnight (or up to 18 hours). Then rinse it well. This is the part that is not pleasant (especially in the winter when rinsing indoors). The filter should be rinsed pleat by pleat, from the top of the pleat to the bottom and then five your stream of water a little ‘flick’ with your hand. When you have done the whole circumference of the filter randomly look between a few of the folds – there should be no debris left even in the very deepest part of the pleat. A proper post-soak rinse usually takes 30-40 minutes (depending on the size of your filter).

      There are a variety of tools that we carry to help make the job easier as well as we offer a filter cleaning service (available April 1 to October 15) for folks who simply don’t have the time to spend on the rinsing of the filters.

      The best way to get rid of the foam in the hot tub is to oxidize away the cause of the foam (the cleaner or organic reside). your ‘# 2 Weekly’ pouches can do this for you but it may take a few applications. There is also a ‘shock’ dosage on the back of your Soft Soak Bromine Granules label – this would be my recommendation. Simply apply that dose every 48 hours until the foam is gone. Then re-rinse the filter (no need to chemically clean again) to remove the wastes that your clean filter has caught. Keep an eye on your bromine levels on your test strips, when using this method it is easy for your bromine level to exceed the ideal range of 3-5 ppm.

      Antifoam ( can also be used to cover up the foam until it degrades back to normal.

      Another great product to get rid of foaming is Spa Lite ( – I always keep a few pouches on hand because Spa Lite can fix many spa troubles like foamy water, cloudy water, smelly water and just spa water that is not quite perfect after a party – it is like a nap  – fixes almost everything!

      So long as your test strips are still showing good water balance the spa is perfectly safe to use while you are getting rid of the foam.

      Also, congratulations on using Trio – it is the best method for keeping happy and healthy spa water that looks good and feels good with very little resources.

      Here is a little more on filter cleaning should you ever need it:

      Happy hot tubbing!

  2. Ian Kelly


    Hi , is there any difference between Spa lite (35g) package and the Spa guard bulk oxidizer / except for the packaging ? Seems not, except for pricing ? Just trying to reduce operating costs.

    • Kathi B


      Hi Ian – great question about shock options!
      There is actually a lot of differences between the two products – they do the same job but in very different ways.
      Much like you can have a protein shake that has all your nutrition in one easy glass or you can have cereal, milk, toast and fruit. It all accomplishes a well balanced breakfast but is different in terms of the work involved.
      Spa lite is a blended product that gasses of wastes (shocks) with very little impact on your sanitizer levels or water balance. Chlorinating and Brominating concentrate (the bulk options) will both oxidize the spa effectively but will raise sanitizer levels quite high and take longer to accomplish the oxidation. HOWEVER, you are completely correct that they are less expensive per dose.
      I really recommend working with us when you bring your next water test in for analysis to help accomplish the perfect blend of convenience and value in your hot tub care system – just bring in a photo of all the products you have at home and we can talk about each one in detail to put together your personalized prescription.

  3. Denise Glencross


    I’m going to drain and refill my hot tub. I presently use Optimizer Plus as an enhancer. I’m going to start using Spa Sentry to reduce the pH jumping I have been experiencing. Should I still use Optimizer Plus? Or does the Spa Sentry act as an enhancer as well? Thanks for your help.

    • Kathi B


      Great question! When using Spa Sentry we always recommend using it with Optimizer Plus. Happy hot tubbbing!

  4. Diana Horeczy


    Can I use optimizer plus instead of polysheen?

    • Aqua Tech


      Hi Diana!
      No, Polysheen and Optimizer are different products and would not be used in place of the other! Polysheen is a clarifier where Optimizer Plus is a water softener to help make the water silky soft so it feels extra nice on your skin, eyes and hair! 🙂

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