November 2015

Reasons to invest in a backyard makeover

backyard makeover

Backyard makeovers as many types of renovations often start when a maintenance item acts as the catalyst. We have all been there before: the roof is leaking and we need new shingles and we some how end up adding a gazebo to the house. The grass is thin in one area of the yard and… Read More»

Facts About In-Ground Pools In Winnipeg

Many people ask why in-ground pools in Winnipeg are so popular. Anyone that’s taken a flight over Winnipeg in the summer can’t help but notice the number of backyards with pools. There are some very good reasons for their popularity and some interesting facts about in-ground pools in Winnipeg.

6 keys to Spa Care

EVERYONE in Winnipeg should have a hot tub.  Our weather is perfect for it.  We all work hard and play harder.  We all deserve that happy place, just outside our backdoor where we can accomplish our goals for the day… recharging from a tough day, reconnecting with family and friends or just looking at the… Read More»

What’s the average hot tub cost?

There are many factors to consider when asking what the average Hot Tub will cost. First off, there is the cost of the Hot Tub itself which can vary due to different brands, various series within a brand, and different options available. Secondly, there is the cost of the electrical as well as weekly chemicals.… Read More»

Bathroom Renovations and the 4 most Common Questions about Interior Design

Bathroom renovations

Bathroom Renovations, “Where do I start??” This is probably the most common question when it comes to the interior design of a Bathroom Renovation.  When a potential client comes into Aqua-Tech to discuss their Bathroom Renovation, a lot of questions are asked by the Decorator with regards to function, layout, inspiration and budget. From this… Read More»

Our Team’s top 5 Bathroom Renovation Tips

The number one tip going into a Bathroom Renovation – Take your Time to Plan!! Do not gut your bathroom and then go looking for what to install. Believe it or not, this happens all the time. If you are looking for quality products that are not from a retail giant, they typically take about… Read More»

3 Reason’s you’ll love a custom hot tub deck

If you are looking to purchase a new hot tub and want to incorporate it into your backyard space so it looks great and functions effectively you should partner with an expert. There are many ways to set your hot tub into your yard space but one of the ideal ways is to have a… Read More»

Aqua-Tech’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

There’s much more to pool maintenance than a cute guy with a net and an impressive pick up line – or nice abs. Ensuring you stay on top of your pool maintenance is important for many different reasons. Firstly, it improves the life of all the components of the pool and secondly, it keeps a… Read More»

Tips For Choosing An Indoor Pool Design

Choosing an indoor pool design requires planning to be sure you’re satisfied with the end result. Aqua-Tech has built more indoor pools in Manitoba than anyone so we hope we can give you some of the advice you’ve been looking for.