September 2015

What’s the average pool liner replacement cost?

During a site visit, the most commonly asked question from our customers tends to be ‘how much will a pool liner replacement cost?’   The answer to this question is rarely a simple one.  There are many things to be taken into consideration and reviewed before a pool liner replacement.  We have dissected every aspect and… Read More»

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Cheat Sheet

What are the special requirements for saltwater pools?  This is one of the most frequently asked questions our water lab technicians get.  Our saltwater pool maintenance cheat sheet below answers just that!  When you partner with a pool professional, your saltwater pool maintenance becomes easy and hassle free. Saltwater Pool Maintenance Cheat Sheet Daily: 1.)… Read More»

Hot tub service checklist

Things to have on your Hot tub service checklist -When you are having your hot tub routinely serviced or opened you want to include a number of things on your hot tub checklist so the hot tub will run smoothly during the time of use. -Number one on your hot tub checklist should be to… Read More»

Saltwater Pool Maintenance Cheat Sheet

One of the biggest questions we get in our water lab is what the special requirements are for saltwater pools.  The answer is easy and when you are organized and partner with a pool professional, the care for your salt water pool is very easy.

What I need to know about purchasing a hot tub

hot tub Winnipeg

All hot tub manufacturers showcase different elements of importance from their own perspective.  Not all hot tubs are the same, nor are they built the same.  This results in various price and quality levels.  The purchase of a hot tub is just one step, so what comes next?  Servicing a hot tub is a very… Read More»

Pool Closing Water Balance

Did you know that  a water test prior to pool closing is as important as a spring time sample? Most of us forget that pool closing is a time to tidy up any unfinished business from a summer of fun.  We almost look forward to closing the pool for the season as one less thing… Read More»

Choosing a salt water pool

Salt water pools are a huge trend in swimming pools these days.  A salt pool looks and feels wonderful.  They are definitely a great choice for folks looking for safe and easy pool care.  When choosing a saltwater pool, there are a few things to consider. 

Reasons to consider pool safety covers

Once considered to be exclusively for commercial pools, the Safety Cover has reached the scale of economy that not only is it affordable as an option on residential pools but also as a cost savings reduction feature. Truly a feature that once a pool owner has a pool safety cover they would never consider owning… Read More»

Aqua-Tech’s Ultimate Guide To Outdoor Living

You may recall having to phone separate companies to provide a different service to you, all for the same project.  Those days are over!  Aqua-Tech will provide you with everything you are looking for when it comes to outdoor living.  Some examples of Aqua-tech’s services are: installing paver stones for patio’s building wooden decks building… Read More»