May 2015

Three Signs You Might Need a Pool Liner Repair

Pool Liner Repair

A pool, like any other investment, needs to be kept in tip top shape in order to get the most enjoyment out of it. Checking the chemical balance and scheduling weekly maintenance are both important steps in keeping your pool ready for swimmers, but even the most diligent groundskeepers may find that eventually certain components… Read More»

Tips for Minimizing Swimming Pool Maintenance

When the weather gets warm, there’s no doubt that you’re going to want to be hanging out poolside or taking a relaxing dip. After all, those are probably the reasons you installed your pool in the first place! But as with almost anything, you have be sure you’re undertaking the proper swimming pool maintenance to… Read More»

Great Backyard Ideas To Include In Your Swimming Pool Design

Installing a pool in your backyard is only the first step in turning your space into a beautiful oasis. There are a wide variety of ways to build something you’ll love and that will be the envy of all your neighbours. Aqua-Tech is here to bring your backyard ideas to life, and we offer nearly… Read More»

Discover Pure and Simple from Backyard Brands

Backyard Brands is a Canadian company based in Markham Ontario. Dennis Gray, a forty-two year veteran of the pool and hot tub industry founded Backyard Brands in 2008 along with one of the most experienced product development teams in the global pool and hot tub care industry.

Water Conservation

It’s something that most people don’t even think about, but it happens to each and every one of our pools at some point throughout the season.  Evaporation and heat loss.  You can’t often see it (unless there is a major temperature change outside), but the operational costs of running your pool will feel the effect. 

Hey Manitoba, Hot Tub Care Just Got EASIER!

After observing Hot Tub owners across North America for many years struggle with the constant addition, measurement and guesswork of products to add to their hot tubs we set out to develop an effective spa care system that made hot tub ownership simple and easy. We are delighted to inform you that after two years… Read More»