Is it worth it to Renovate your Bathroom?

bathroom image

If you are one of the many people who are wondering if it is worth it to renovate your bathroom and bring it out of the stone age to a new modern era, the answer is undoubtedly Yes! There are many reasons why people renovate their bathrooms but ultimately it comes down to how long you will live there, and if it will bring you a ROI.

If you want to renovate your bathroom and plan on living there for a while, why not enjoy the new bathroom you have installed? The average person spends around a year and a half in the bathroom in their lifetime. Whether it is looking at oneself in the mirror to apply make-up or taking a bath, we average a decent amount of time in the bathroom in our lives, so why not make it a place you will enjoy.

This still leaves the question if renovating your bathroom will bring you a better ROI. Generally speaking when you have a modernized bathroom, people see that as a very nice deal when buying a place, and are sometimes willing to spend a little more to have a nicer looking place. The nicer your place looks, the more money you will be able to get for it. Generally speaking a nice white bathroom with big mirrors gives a feeling that the bathroom being bigger than it actually is.


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