May 2012

Pool Shock Winnipeg

girl under water

It’s all too shocking! Oxidation, or as many call it shocking. Pool shock in Winnipeg is a very important part of your routine maintenance.  Shocking your pool gets rid of swimmer and unfilterable wastes like perspiration, sunscreen, deodorants, and one more you hope nobody does in your pool…pee.  You should also shock after a thunderstorm… Read More»

Swimming Pool Filters Winnipeg

The pool is opened, running and you’ve had it all balanced up. Now we need to get all those winter wastes all cleaned up. We are going to recommend adding chlorine and algaecide to get things cleaned up before we move onto our weekly maintenance.  Depending on the condition of the pool will determine how… Read More»

Swimming Pools Winnipeg

testing a pool

The Pool is open…now what do I do?  It’s so important to start your pool up the right way.  It can make for a problem free summer!  Balancing is the Key!! Once you have the pool up and running the first thing you really should do is get your pool professionally tested.  The pool needs… Read More»