April 2012

Swimming Pool Supplies Winnipeg

kids in a pool

Pool Opening – Now is the time! Wow what an April we just had!  Spring came with a vengeance this year and things thawed out pretty quickly. It really is time to be thinking of your swimming pool supplies Winnipeg!  The question I always get asked at this time of year, a little bit earlier this year,… Read More»

Bathroom Renovations Winnipeg

shower in a bathroom

Bathroom renovations in Winnipeg along with the rest of Canada are leading the category of all home renovations currently taking place in existing single family dwellings. The form, function and pleasure that you will receive from a new properly planned bathroom renovation in Winnipeg will yield you returns both now and in the future. Today’s… Read More»

Salt Water Pool Care

lady in a pool

So, you have a saltwater pool.  Maybe you have a freshwater pool and are thinking of switching to saltwater pool care.  Congratulations! Saltwater is one of the best ways to take care of your swimming pool! When saltwater pools are good, they are very, very good.  When saltwater pools go bad it gets frustrating.   If… Read More»

Hot Tub Dimensions

people in a hot tub

Proper planning of adding a Hot tub to your backyard Oasis can often become the pivotal building block of your design. Hot tub dimensions are an important consideration. Often orientation of the unit is not considered in the planning stage causing the hot tub to either lack privacy, good access to mechanical for future service… Read More»

Outdoor Furniture Winnipeg

Maximizing our leisure time outdoors just like everything else in our busy lives requires some strategy. Selecting the correct style and quantity of outdoor furniture in Winnipeg is really a great place to start planning to ensure that you are spending the most time outdoors. Consider where the sun is at various times of the day,… Read More»

Pool Liners Winnipeg

Pool owners often wonder what is the best method to open their pools to help protect their pool liners. Pool liners Winnipeg region are always subject to a little more stress than some parts of Canada. A rock solid opening tip is to fill your pool up to normal operating level prior to pumping off… Read More»